Mary Hackley Treehouse "Treehouse: Shelter, Sanctuary, Stage" Exhibition
Stone Quarry Sculpture Park, Cazenovia, N.Y. , Summer, 2002

The Mary Hackley treehouse reflects the history and ecology of the land that is now Stone Quarry Sculpture Park. The house, built with local maple and willow branches and pine boards from a local mill, sits in an old apple tree by the ruins of an early 1800's homestead.

The treehouse offers poetic historic conjecture, leaving it to the viewer (with children in mind) to construct their own narrative based upon an experience of place. The installation, which does not penetrate the tree itself, also reflects upon the apple tree and its significance to settlers, bridging the wild with the cultivated landscape. The entry to the East, from the homestead, uses willow weaving and traditional wildcrafting. The entry from the West, where the ladder is located, reflects the domestic architecture of the settlers to the region.

As the treehouse was being built, children assisted in excavating "artifacts" from the homestead site. Specially designed props, including a portable field desk, field trunk, and other field equipment were utilized on site. Their findings - bottles and pottery shards - were left in the treehouse for others to discover.