Artists in Residence Grizedale Arts • Cumbria, England June-August 2002

As Artists in Residence at Grizedale Arts, Wowhaus also created projects for the Grizedale Live Show and the Ambleside Flower Show.

For the Ambleside Flower Show, we created an alternative agriculture exhibition that was inspired by the iconography of agricultural fairs - table top displays and exhibtions of skill or virtuosity. Scott developed a "sheep muck biogas generator" that was designed to make use of a locally prevalent agricultural byproduct, creating methane from sheep manure to fuel a traditional gas burner. Scott's meanderings through the fells while collecting sheep muck was a contemporary homage to the poetic wanderings of Coleridge and Wordsworth, offering a pragmatic alternative to the Romantic view of this landscape.

In the "Nitrogen Challenge" exhibit, visitors learned about the exceptionally high nitrogen content of human hair as a compost amendment through interaction with a question-and-answer board; Aili cut Scott's hair with a tiny pair of scissors, attracting many guests with this performative feature. Visitors were also asked about their own gardening traditions; many were interested to learn that the local "folk" tradition of steeping comfrey and stinging nettle in water is, indeed, a good source of nitrogren as well.

For the "Grizedale Live" show, Wowhaus exhibited a "Direct from California" car boot sale, with a collection of items purchased at yard sales in California and shipped to England for the exhibition. The "Lawless" theme of the exhbition was embodied in these consumer cast-offs, contemporary vestiges of the Wild West.